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The most accurate DNA test for your healt

  • We provide a range of 203 reports, over 15 health categories, and 57+ genetic disorders covered.
  • 99.9% accuracy
  • Understand potential health assets
  • Get an action plan to mitigate risks
  • 100% encrypted

How much is DNA Testing?

AFFORDABLE Genetic Testing Services for a reasonable price on 99.9% analysis to help you plan a healthy future.


Prevent Risks
Action plan!

ACTIONABLE Our personalized health plans, helps you to identify, mitigate and prevent diseases.

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At Home DNA Test Private

PRIVACY IS KEY We encrypt end to end with patented technology applied to DNA, Above military-grade encryption privacy.

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Personalised analysis

ACCURATE Latest technology, scientifically validated, delivering guaranteed accuracy based on 99.9% of your DNA analysis.

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We sequence 99.9% of your DNA

Most genetic testing companies analyze less than 1% of your DNA, leading to inaccurate and incomplete results. With CircaGene we sequence 99.9% of your data.

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3 Simples Steps

1. Choose your kit

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3. Access your results



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Important Testimonials

I came positive for condition Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HFE-Related). I told about my results: and got a 1-2-1 personalised consultation with a coach that explained that in this condition the body organs accumulates in an excess iron, from excessive intestinal absorption of dietary iron. When I did my test had no symptoms, however now I know that if I don’t change my diet, I have a high risk of organ failure. Knowing my risk allowed me to change my lifestyle, not taking an iron supplement, not to take Vitamin C supplements as Vitamin C increases iron absorption, reducing my alcohol intake as metabolizing the alcohol can stress an already compromised liver, reducing or limiting iron-rich food. Now I am very happy, proactive, I monitor my iron levels in the blood and I am leading a healthier life that I wouldn't know about before. Thank you CircaGene
David P.
Administrative Sciences
I came positive for age-related macular degeneration (ARMD). I told about my results and I got a 1-2-1 personalised consultation with a coach that explained that in my eyes a disease - pigment- prorogues a gradual deterioration of light-sensing cells in the tissue at the back of my eye that detect light and colours. Changing habit like stop smoking, as smoking increases my chances of developing by two to fivefold. I was explained that retina has a high rate of oxygen consumption, anything that affects oxygen delivery to the retina may affect vision, Smoking causes oxidative damage which may contribute the development and progression of my condition. I just stopped smoking, I was advised to wear sunglasses and hats if possible when outdoors. To get eye exams and consult an eye doctor if I notice changes. Put a light filter in screens and my devices. Following all this action plan I have a high chance of not losing my vision by the time I am 60. I am now informed, and I monitor my vision to lead a better quality life. Thank you I totally recommend CircaGene
Joel P.
IT Consultant

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