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At CircaGene, we believe in the importance of knowledge as a foundational element of the human being, and we have made it available to everyone. We are scientist founders looking for health improvement in the world!


We use the most advanced technologies for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS; for laboratory automation and The Best Experts with over 20+ years of Computational Biology experience for the best scientific analysis of your 100% DNA.


Thanks to this, we can generate results of optimum quality and precision. We are a gold standard for DNA analysis and processing.


We have spent years of research and investment. Finally, we have succeeded in DNA analysis and the trust of our investors and patenting the most revolutionary encryption in Life Sciences.

DNA Privacy and
Hyper personalised analysis

We are the future of genetic testing

We are the future of genetic testing providing hyper-personalised genetic analysis to individuals, enabling them to proactively manage their health, and make informed decisions about their lifestyle with accurate and scientifically validated information. These decisions will result in the improvement of their health and lifestyle and ultimately their save lives.