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DNA Privacy and
Hyper personalised analysis

We are the future of genetic testing

We are the future of genetic testing. At CircaGene, we want people to have the information to prevent health predispositions. We deliver hyper-personalised genetic analysis to each individual to give accurate and scientific validated information so the user can prevent and proactively manage their health making decisions. This can not only might change their life, and lifestyle but also, in some cases, even to save their life!

Our Mission

Provide world-class genetics services to protect and improve public health at population and individual levels.

François Paillier

CEO and Co-Founder

Experienced DNA expert with decades of knowledge in In Vitro Diagnostics. Francois has helped protect health from astronauts to low-income countries populations.

His pledge is with innovation applied to Public health. He works in the field of Bioinformatics and Genetics; turning DNA data into meaningful knowledge that helps humanity and populations to reach greater public health. Patent inventor, skilled into DNA research with a track of several medical and diagnostic tools developed internationally across different industries including space agency, government, and clinical.

François passion is innovation, generation of ideas, and helping others.

Jackeline Palma

COO and Co-Founder

Experienced and certified Project Manager; an entrepreneur with a demonstrated history working in the Life Sciences sector spanning across the healthcare for humans, and pets genetics.

Her career has been in Medical Devices, Genetics-Biology and Marine Sciences. Her commitment is to the preservation of animal species.

With a portfolio career including degrees in MSc. Biology, International Marketing and Business Administration she is skilled in the commercialization from idea, start-up; with a track of helping several companies on the way.

Jackeline passion is music, animals especially chihuahuas and mentoring.

Our story

Founders François Paillier and Jackeline Palma worked before in a $52MDll project delivering to BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority) a division of the US Government Department of Health and Human Services.

They were working together on the development of a next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform for rapid diagnosis of antimicrobial-resistant infections and influenza. As part of the team, they successfully sequenced the DNA of bacteria directly from an unprocessed blood sample. This has not been possible with any sequencing

technologies until this project. After two years of working together, they decided to start their own company on genetic testing. Bringing genomics and DNA sequencing closer to the customer, founders believe they will transform the pathway not only with the hyper-personalized analysis per customer but also pioneering in a new standard on DNA data privacy for the world to adopt.

Their passion is health prevention, ageing healthy and help everyone that has a genetic disorder to provide actionable information to clinicians, saving lives by enabling the right action at the right time

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