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Benefits genetic testing

Privacy encryption

You have the key to your data

We do not sell your data, lease or allow any third party access. Only you have the key to open, and the power to decide how or if you want to share your data. We are working with global leaders in ISO committee. All access to our pipeline is patented encrypted technology:
Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE).

Your privacy is our top priority

Data security is a global and growing problem, especially regarding DNA data, our most valuable information. People are becoming more and more concerned about the loss of control of data security.

At CircaGene, we protect your DNA data with a patented technology that reassures consumer and guarantees the owner of their DNA data. DNA data is kept encrypted during genetic analyses. Only the customer can decrypt their own personal, accurate and actionable results.

We protect your data with our patented technology

With patented unique technology – the only in the world that allows encryption of the DNA forever – provides End-to-end Encryption guaranteeing that only the user can have access to their results, protecting his Genetic Privacy respecting the customer privacy as unique owner.

Our patent technology allows us to handle and analyze the DNA when it is encrypted—securing the privacy of the owner of the DNA data. Our proprietary technology analyses our customer’s data, providing the security needed guarantee of DNA privacy data.

Our team employs cutting edge technology, mathematics and encryption to provide leading-edge analysis and solution respecting DNA and customer’s privacy.

This technology enables us to analyze whole human genomes at extraordinary capacity, speed, efficient and safe process. All of the above comes at highly competitive prices with world-class service/support, allowing you to do more science with a limited budget.

Security is key

We do not sell your data, lease or allow any third-party access. Only you have the key to open and the power to decide how and if you want to share it. We are working with global leaders in the ISO committee. All-access to our pipeline is encrypted technology.

Your Data will stay protected by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we are GDPR regulated for UK and EU customer. We guarantee privacy for non-EU residents with our patented technology on DNA encryption. User is the only owner of an FHE-Key that allows only the user for the tranquillity of the user.

What is Fully Homomophic Encryption?

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) is the ultimate cryptographic tool to build secure cloud computing services that respect everybody’s privacy. It allows to share data confidentially, allows computations to be carried out on encrypted data, without needing to decrypt it first.

Rather than being limited to one type of operations only, (fully) homomorphic encryption schemes allow performing any function on encrypted data, without ever needing to reveal it. Applications are theoretically endless: whatever a computer can do on data, you can do it over encrypted data without needing to know what you are processing!

Our CryptoExperts work under CSPN « Certification Sécuritaire de Premier Niveau » certification from The French information Security Agency (ANSSI).

Science laboratories Technology you can trust

We use the utmost advanced technology in both Next Generation Sequencing and in Lab Computerization with scientifically validated tests to deliver the best quality and accuracy for your results. Our technology allows us to sequence your entire DNA with unparalleled precision, encrypt and focus on entire DNA analysis, unlike the competitors. Our labs include many quality certifications including ISO/IEC 27001.

Technology you can trust

Our Laboratory

We guarantee accuracy

We use the utmost advanced technology in both Next Generation Sequencing and in Lab Computerization with scientifically validated tests to deliver the best quality and accuracy for your results.

Our laboratories use the best technology from the world’s leader in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in state-of-the-art-sequencing centres in Europe and the USA.

Our labs include many quality certifications including ISO/IEC 27001. Equipment includes NovaSeq 6000, HiSeq 2500, HiSeq 4000, NextSeq 500, MiSeq, CBot – Illumina

At CircaGene, we analyze the whole encyclopedia (Whole Genome Sequencing – a 99.9{e77833d5f84d2cc8e9e89642a53a7566429cbaea342db03d0b07ac4092e5e8f0} accuracy) reading all pages several times (10x, 15x, 30x). Competitors only look at some volumes (chromosomes) missing a lot of mutations, making them not accurate.

Majority of our competitors uses genotyping technique instead of WGS; with their genotyping, they miss the 98{e77833d5f84d2cc8e9e89642a53a7566429cbaea342db03d0b07ac4092e5e8f0} of mutations for breast cancer (for example).

With our Whole Genome Sequencing technology, not only we see the 99.9{e77833d5f84d2cc8e9e89642a53a7566429cbaea342db03d0b07ac4092e5e8f0} of DNA information, but also our scientists analyze data with a solid background of scientific studies published. We are investigating 313 mutations in breast cancer (for example) instead of 3 mutations equivalent analysis of the competitors.

Our analytical accuracy is highly accurate and validated. Utilizing advanced WGS (Whole Genome Sequencing) technology allows us to sequence 99.9{e77833d5f84d2cc8e9e89642a53a7566429cbaea342db03d0b07ac4092e5e8f0} of your DNA information, we have experts scientists that analyze your encrypted data with analytical accuracy, which is scientifically validated.

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

Imagine your WHOLE DNA is an encyclopedia, Each volume is a CHROMOSOME, Pages and sentences has all GENES

that code your life.

Whole Genome Sequencing enables researches to register the genetic constitution of individuals and describe all variants present in a single assay. We have extensive experience providing whole genome sequencing analysis services and advance bioinformatics capabilities.